Sunday, November 11, 2007


heres a layout project that i did a week or so ago. we were given a general idea of what everything looked like so i cant take any credit for the design.

i liked the original drawing though so i brought it into flash and went over the lines with the line tool... only problem was when i exported the image all the lines somehow went to the same width destroying a lot of depth...

as it stands its pretty flat, i tried to color it but it looked like shit, so heres the lines.

I've been playing with the comics medium and seeing what i can do with just photographs. this is just one of the mock pages I've made and it has no sequence. i was just kinda going for design.

since doing this I've come up with a project I'm working on in my spare time using this idea. its for a certain someone but i don't think they even read this blog anyway so thats okay. hey! if anyone reads this blog drop me a message!

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DennyTruffles said...

Hey man,

I've gone through quite a lot of your stuff, and I love it. You have a uniquely insightful view on the world, and I can relate with a lot of your work.

Oh...I couldn't find a place to leave you a message. Maybe I'm just blind haha ^_^

Keep it up! And go well.