Monday, September 08, 2008

wonderland out, school in

So, wonderland is over. I don't have any of my good caricatures to post... but by the end i was able to crank out some nice ones. I would consider going back next year if i cant get a job straight outta college... which definitely might not happen. It was nice to draw all day throughout the summer. Even through the rough frustrating times it was still better than landscaping or moving furniture.
school is now back in full swing. This is the big bad year of 3D where you're supposed to learn a skill that will actually get you a job.i just started my second week of school and the projects are already starting to roll in.

in an attempt to keep up on and improve and hopefully even get slighty good at it i have started a sketchbook that is going to be designated specifically to design. the first page is above. yippy yay rah.


Tooninator said...

good good. Very nice idea. I check here almost daily, so try to update often. please?

jason said...

heh, sure thing toon :)