Sunday, November 09, 2008

some comic bullshit

the latest self defeating caricature of myself. i know it doesn't really really look like me but i do kinda like the design. I guess i would say its more of an interpenetration.

I had considered doing a journal comic for a month... in that i would do a strip a day on the bus. I wasn't concerned about the quality of the art whatsoever. I'm a huge fan of Jeffery Brown... and i don't think you need amazing drawings to have amazing comics. It just helps. My main concern with this was just to start actually making comics so i have a point to get better from.

I gave up on the third day because they kinda suck. I should keep doing it until they don't suck so maybe I'll pick up the idea again when I'm not so busy with school. A journal comic is also really uninteresting unless you're James Kochalka.

In the new year I'm going to attempt to pump out a quality comic page a week. I don't know what i will write them about... I want to do a mixture of auto bio and non auto bio. I'm not sure really. but I'm going to do it.


After going to Canzine me and and Lisa have been inspired to do a cooking zine. Not a huge undertaking, but we're going to do our best to make it really nice. We're even going to splurge on a couple of color pages with photos and a nice cover. Lisa is going to do all of the recipes, while i do all the design work as well as a couple of illustrations.

We're totally stoked. it will be nice to have a project to work on together.


Ollie said...

those are very endearing, love the art style, although the writing doesn't seem to flow as well as the art.

jason said...

yeah, i would kinda write, draw and ink every panel as i went so i kinda drew myself into a corner very quick.

i think it works better when you actually plan what you're doing.


Tooninator said...

DUDE!!!...ask my gf....laughing out loud here over the San Andreas piece. HAHAHA

jason said...

heh, i'm glad she liked it. fucking gangsters.

Lynn Sibley said...

Like the comic stuff. You're getting much better. It reads more clearly than some of the other stuff you've posted. Your style is moving in a really fun direction, too. Cool.