Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hate work!

The one thing I hate more than work itself is looking for it. I’ve been putting a lot of time into looking for a job since I left Toronto and not nearly as much time into art.

But enough whining.

This is a comic I wrote a couple of months ago and only just got around to illustrating. I have always had this really bad attitude towards work, which is where this is coming from. I have always thought that we could accomplish so much if we weren’t stuck working dead end meaningless jobs. Anyway, I generally really liked drawing caricatures for a living but some days the work routine still really got to me.

I really want to make art that I’m proud to show people but some of the strips that I’ve done over the past year are simply embarrassing. I think the art in this one is probably the best yet. I’ve been trying to put more time and effort into them and I hope it shows.

Anyways, until next time,



Anonymous said...

I love the backgrounds in this one.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Thanks man :)