Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something Better

This is a comic I wrote nearly a year ago. I’ve always liked it and thought it had something that most of my other comics lack. I thought I would make a slightly better version than the doodled out one I have kicking around.

Unfortunately, I wont be at this years NCN either due to unending financial strife.

I will, however, be tabling at Canzine on November 1st. Lisa and I will be showcasing our cookzine, Small Potatoes. Also, I will (finally)be debuting a collection of autobio comics I’ve been publishing on here over the last few months. It’s our first time tabling so we’re pretty excited.

You should come and check the event out if you’re in Toronto.There are going to be so many amazing people there.

Much love,



Anonymous said...

I like the re-vamp.

I'll definitely drop by man.

Jason Bradshaw said...


see you there :)