Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas kid character design

This started off as a doodle for a character for a Christmas card I’m designing… but I got carried away and brought it to this stage.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to use illustrator quickly while utilizing its strengths. I’m finding flat shapes of color are the most effective because doing vectored ink lines take forever to do properly. Another thing I’m learning is to figure out exactly what you want before going into illustrator. It's a powerful cleanup tool... but it's a terrible program to draw in and I wasted a good hour or so trying to fix some mistakes caused by bad planning.

I’m super stoked about this illustration of the week project and I have a lot of fun ideas planned. I’ll keep you posted!

Love! Jason<3


Sam Spina said...

yeah man, illustrator is awesome, but it's also the worst. I love those feet! and if you ever need an idea of what to do your illustration a week on, check out FECALFACE.COM, they have a free fridayz post they put of every friday. it's an illustration contest with cool prizes, they give you the weeks theme in last weeks post

Jason Bradshaw said...

Thanks sam, I'll check that out :)