Monday, September 20, 2010

Total shit


Robin Cain said...

Bwahahaha! Sooooo true. Love you laughing your head off.

Matt said...

I thought it was particularly funny that, as Wendys and McDonalds were both offering "healthier" options, Burger King went the opposite way and started carrying the fattiest calorie-loaded burgers and stuff they could think of. They were like: "Beef! Cheese! Bacon! Stack it! You want a quad-burger? You're an adult! Let's do this! Fuck those hippie health nuts!." Yikes.

They're still kinda delicious, though. *hangs head in shame*

Jason Bradshaw said...

Haha, shame on you! GUILT GUILT GUILT!

It's true though, what's with that whole Baconator thing? or that thing that uses meat as the bun? Weird stuff. Awful for the body.

That said, as long as it's not part of your balanced diet it's find to indulge from time to time.