Thursday, February 24, 2011

True life stories - Driving along Steeles to dim sum

Hey look, I actually made a comic!

In other news, one of my favorite musicians, Pat the bunny, is back to making music after taking a year off in rehab to get his life back together. If you have been reading this blog for a while now you have probably seen me mention his previous bands Wingnut Dishwashers Union or Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains so you know that his music has come to mean a lot to me over the years. I was actually pretty upset when I found out that he was going into rehab (which is a totally weird sensation to feel for a complete stranger) so I was super stoked to see that he's out and wrote a bunch of new songs.

His songs are often about the realities of his life told in an incredibly honest way. I find some of them hard to listen to because they talk to depression in a very, very truthful light and they make me think too much about my own problems with it and how hard it is to conquer. That said, they have also given me the strength to keep on trying to fight it off in simply knowing that holy shit I'm not insane (or, at least, not alone).

Although I can't fully understand the scope of some of the things he's talking about in these songs having never dealt with addiction, of having done an insane amount of drugs like, given the nature of some of his older songs, I'm sure he's done - but I can appreciate that he's willing to share himself with us in this unflinchingly self-critical light.

Ultimately, I think as an autobiographic cartoonist listening to music like this is like a parallel to what I try to do in music. I seem to always fall short of what I want to express and I can only hope to express in one of my comics what Pat expresses in any of his songs - but holy fuck I've got to keep on trying. Keep on writing. Keep on trying to make the best damn comics I can make.

Anyway, You can find links to all of his old music here

Or, you can go see some really horrible quality youtube video's of a couple of new songs(which I have, of course, ripped the audio from and have been listening to constantly tonight) here

Until next time, don't ever fucking give up on yourselves.

Jason <3


Robin Cain said...

Your comics and blog are awesome Jason. They are real and honest and I always look forward to seeing new stuff from you.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Aw, thanks Robin, it means the world to me that you read all of it!

eunice luk said...

picking up some of your zines thursday!! awesome drawings dude.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Hey, thanks for finding my blog! Excited for the OCAD zine fair this thurs, too!