Sunday, November 06, 2011

I deserve to be loved

You know that moment? When the lyric “I deserve to be loved” comes through your headphones and you really feel it because the timing and key is simply perfect. You want to believe it but instead of having the self respect to agree with that statement in reference to yourself you just just kind of stare blankly ahead and aren’t sure whether you can or not? Yeah, that moment.

I wrote that in my sketchbook yesterday.

Last night I changed my mind. I do deserve to be loved. I deserve self respect. I deserve happiness. This is my one man picket line and I will never compromise on these terms or ever fucking capitulate for anything or anybody. Nobody ever should.

Love <3


Robin Cain said...

You are absolutely RIGHT! I love this. I have to remind myself of this often or I start wallowing in a pit of despair. (and I ally don't like it there!) and on top of that, I love this drawing. It's perfect.

Matt said...

I would love to flip through your sketchbook, man. I bet it's just jam-packed full of amazing sketches and thoughts and all sorts of uncensored coolness. I hope you find that love soon, brother.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Hah, I would like to think my sketchbook is awesome but it's really not. Mostly filled with unfinished comics, embarrassingly bad life drawings and journal entries that just make me uncomfortable. If we're ever in the same room I'll let you take a peek though!

Sheikasaurus Rex said...

You sure do!!! <3

Melanie Tingdahl said...

You absolutely DO deserve to be loved! Sometimes it's hard to believe when we get caught up in thinking of the bad, but try not to forget! (: