Monday, February 13, 2012

Breakfast of champions

I made oatmeal instead. It was quite disappointing.


Matt said...

You need to go grocery shopping, dude. ;)

I prefer oatmeal waaay over cereal. I had oatmeal this morning, actually, with diced pear and banana. Yum!

deadfish said...

this was my morning...but replace rice milk with coconut milk.

spoil; it must be on the wind.

Ariel said...

I had a similar experience when my father and I lived in a small apartment in an area of North York mainly populated by immigrants like my family.

I poured my milk into my bowl (yes, I pour the milk first!) followed by my cereal... followed by a cockroach who proceeded to swim laps in my bowl.

My father grabbed a spoon, fished the cockroach out and proclaimed "It's still good!".

Smithee Zombie Hunter said...

Myself, I prefer soy milk and oatmeal.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Alright, well, I actually quite like oatmeal but that's when I'm PREPARED, guys. Like, with fruit and such. Then it's amazing. Today? Not so much. A bit of brown sugar and water? Bleagh. Boring!

Also, almond milk is the best milk in existence anywhere. That is simply indisputable. Don't argue with me.

Also, Ariel, This story is amazing. But. You put your milk into your bowl first? Amazing :)

Kassianni said...

hahahahaa! is there anything worse?