Thursday, August 09, 2012

Self Love Pt. 2

Another drawing for myself.

I used to have so much self hate for my own body. It's... strange. I'm past it, mostly. But. I still can't shake that nagging insecurity because I've felt it since I could feel attraction to other body types. I think it really got in the way of me developing as a sexual person. Thinking about these things. Might go further in depth at some point in time.

Also, related, have you ever watched any of Laci Green's video's? Very sex positive and anti-oppressive. Highly recommended

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Matt said...

I love the varieties of textures and patterns you've been using in your stuff lately.

Those videos were interesting, too. Have you every listened to the "Sex Nerd Sandra" podcasts on Nerdist? They're also very informative and sex positive.