Saturday, September 15, 2012

Influences: Jason

 Jason is one of my favorite storytellers working in comics today.

His drawings are incredibly iconic, which is obvious at a quick glance. I would say that his writing, too, is iconic. His stories are so perfectly designed. Structured. Almost diagrammatic. Playing off of all of the troupes of any genre he decides to work in while maintaining a novel quality to them at the same time. They’re very familiar, yet something entirely new. I feel as though he approaches writing in the same manner that I attempt to it but there’s something I’m missing. Something I don’t quite understand. Every time I sit down and read one of his stories I get closer to it but am never quite able to grasp what that is that I’m lacking. Reading his stories are such an exhilarating and frustrating mess of excitement for me. Highly recommended.

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Matt said...

I just got a bunch of Jason comics out of the library recently. "Hey, Wait..." was one of the most gorgeously sad comics I have ever read.