Sunday, March 06, 2011

The crazy rain storm turned into a crazy snow storm while we got drunk at the B.A. show

Have you ever heard of B.A. Johnston? He writes songs about being white trash and hopeless with women that are often packed with references to old video games and terrible b movies like the classic my heart is a blinking Nintendo. Last night I went to a show of his with my friends Matt and Lara and it was probably the weirdest/funniest show I've ever been to.


Sam Spina said...

i feel like these new strips are way more cartoony! i love it!

andrew said...

ah, man! Thanks for the introduction to B.A., looks like it was fun!

Jason Bradshaw said...

Thanks Sam! It's fun to be back at it for a bit, feels a bit more fresh after a break!

Andrew - B.A. is... different. But, some of his stuff is really good! Strange, strange albums.