Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Violence, Boredom Pays #5 giveaway

Alright, so, I don't really talk about veganism much through my comics because they have typically been separate parts of my life but it's somewhat important to me and has influenced so much about the way I look at the world for me to not write at least one comic about it. The truth is I've tried to write about these things in the past but have always shied away from it in fear of alienating my readers but I trust that I've built enough good will through the past couple of years to hope you know and understand that this does not come from a judgmental or self righteous place. I love you all. These are just some thoughts I have.

All of that said, I've decided I would like to have a giveaway of some of my books! For the next little while I will send a free copy of Boredom Pays #5 to anybody who is willing to go vegan for a week and write me a letter about it. For my mailing address send me an email at!

- Jason <3


Matt said...

While I know I'll never give up on meat, I have scaled back my portion sizes and frequency over the past few years. Like just about everything in life, moderation is the key. I do like seeing you so passionate about the cause in your comics, though. That's a cool giveaway, too... but there's a package of bacon in my fridge. ;)

hambot76 said...

Good job for describing your stance on consumption! You are right in your comic when you say that the way we treat any other living creatures can be a reflection on our morality toward other people as well. These are all great values to have.

Do you think humans as a group are becoming better about understanding and changing their privileged choices?

Jason Bradshaw said...

Hey Hambot. I don't know what to say either way. Some segments of our society are - for sure - and some segments are getting even more batshit crazy and selfish than they ever have been.

So... maybe?

Zafer said...
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Zafer said...

Dear Jason, a friend of mine who is a passionate advocate for animal rights sent a link to your blog, suspecting that your decision to bring up veganism and the cruelty in the animal industry may jeopardize your audience, and she asked for our support.

I absolutely commend your decision to reveal your stance in your comic and loved the fact you ended this entry on a good note, as you emphasized our power as consumers and the ability of the individual to influence others and subsequently change the world. indeed I felt empowered as I finished reading this entry.

Please do not hesitate to reference your veganism in future comics; it makes perfect sense to use your art to change the world for the better. I believe that changing the world is what a good artist lives for.


Anonymous said...

As another advocate of veganism... I whole heartily approve. I recall a comic you did a few years? ago that had a church in it that I think mentioned veganism and that was kind of a draw as another intrepid soul

I've been working on my own vegan comic and after seeing the backgrounds on yours I feel a little intimidated. Those backgrounds are great

Jason Bradshaw said...

haha, it's funny that you say that. I feel totally self conscious about the backgrounds because I didn't have quite enough time to make them as lovely as I wanted them to.

Anonymous said...

I almost knew you were going to say that.

It's like the cartoonist's creed to look at one's own work even in light of compliments and be like "Ehh... it could have been better..."

I think I liked it because it didn't stand out enough to distract from the story, but when you did look at it, it made sense. Also, going past the junk food like pizza was a good fit for what you were talking about when you walked past that isle

tintorcio said...

It's a good point that we all need to be conscious of what we can do as consumers to make better choices for ourselves and for our society. I don't eat veal cuz I don't like the treatment of the animal and I wont by sword fish because its overfished. I think little things like that can make a difference if we all make similar, responsible choices. As far as veganism Eff That S! Pass the free range chicken!

Anonymous said...

What do you think is the difference between veal and any other animal you consume?

Do you drink milk? Male calves of diary farms are sent to veal operations.

The idea of "free range" chickens is a misnomer on several levels. Here are the standards of Organic Valley, which I think go further than the USDA standards:

Here's the indoor standard:
(this is for hens, which I assume have similar standards to broiler birds)

Laying hens must be provided with at least 1.75 sq. feet of floor space / hen.

Outdoor standard:

Laying hens must be provided with at least 5 square feet of pasture

So does that still sound like free range to you? A range of five square feet. Also, here's the standard for when they actually have to have access:

"Between May 1st and September 30th, birds must be allowed access to the outdoors daily by 10:00 a.m. local time, weather permitting."

So rather than calling them free range, I'd call them "five months of five square yards, seven months of 1.75 sq ft" chicken. Feel free to check out their other standards. They're still allowed to have their beaks sliced off for example

Ultimately however, the treatment of the chickens is irreverent. They're all slaughtered and they all have an interest in not being used a property. The treatment cannot ultimately be the problem when at the end of the day, beings who would prefer to go about their business are slaughtered for our taste buds

Anonymous said...

*five months of five square feet