Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boredom Pays 6 complete

So, Boredom Pays number six will be debuting Sunday, October 21st at Canzine here in Toronto and, provided my plans don’t fall through for this yet again, Expozine on November 17th and 18th in Montreal. I'll be putting it up for sale online after that.

I’m really happy with how this issue turned out. I think it’s probably the most conscious collection that I’ve put together, thematically. The stories flow into each other in a more organic way than they ever have and I think it creates more of a cohesive narrative through these separate strips.

I am, however, going to be taking a break from what I’ve been doing with Boredom Pays. While assembling this issue it became clear to me that there has been a drastic change of tone in my work over the past four months and this issue is mostly coming from a place of deep sadness. There’s almost a wholesale omission of humor or optimism in it. While I do find that writing these comics is cathartic, and helpful for me in some respects it has become clear to me that in order to get out of the headspace that this negativity comes from I need to stop obsessing about by spending hours writing about it in my sketchbook trying to figure out the best way to express it in comics form. It has a way of becoming cyclical.

I’m working on some new stories, some new strips and, I think, a new comic book. I’m not sure quite what my comics are going to look like in the next few months but I’m excited to be starting something new.

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Matt said...

Whatever you do, I'll check out. Keep on keepin' on, brother.