Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee in the morning

I’ve been learning how to brew coffee with a French press. I brew it in the morning, generally.

The words in this one are from the Wingnut Dishwashers Union song ‘Proudhon in manhattan’. They have been helping me out in the last couple of days.


Matt said...

Your body language and the pattern on your sweater in the last panel is simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I've always made coffee with a french press... pour the water on, press the plunger just a tad, leave to brew, plunge the plunger all the way.

Is that the same method you use?

Jason Bradshaw said...

Yeah, pretty much! I have only ever really used a coffee machine that does everything for you. I prefer the french press.


Phil Gobstopper said...

If comics had a soundtrack I'd say Jawbreaker would fit well.

I think we'd be good friends.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Comics in general? Or these specifically?