Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, Tofu

I can never understand why people don’t like tofu. You can make it taste like pretty much ANYTHING. Such a wonderful source of protein!

Also, it’s been about 6 years to the day since I went Vegetarian (I don’t know the exact day… but mid Januaryish.). I’ve been Vegan for nearly three of those years and I seriously cant imagine going back.

Love! Jason <3>


Matt said...

I had tofu at college once and they must have prepared it wrong because it was awful. Totally ruined any chance of me trying it again; that was, like, eight years ago.

Tooninator said...


kidding. Good stuff dude.

Robin Cain said...

I like tofu too.

Just found your blog... cool comics!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, good to see a vegan web comic! Keep up the good, ethical, work

Anonymous said...

Hey, good to see a vegan web comic. Keep up the good, ethical work!