Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're all fucked

Toronto just voted in the worst possible candidate for mayor... and I just feel really frustrated about it. Is this what people want? Really? A wife beating, racist and homophobe who's proud to be an arrogant son of a bitch? Are you serious? I've never been so embarrassed to live here.

In any case, I was listening to this election song this morning because it fit my mood. It's a song about George Bush getting re-elected and subsequently getting fucked up. That's what I feel like doing.

If you happen to like the above song, or folk punk in general you should definitely download this live set of Johnny Hobo and the freight trains. They (or he, as it's mostly just one guy) are (or, is) another of my all time favorite bands. The songs have come to mean a lot to me, but you can read about that in this super old post I made about them here.The songs off this that I especially like are the New Mexico song, Harmony parking lot and DIY orgasms.

Jason <3


Robin Cain said...

I love your posts.

I feel your pain and frustrations. There are some equally disturbing elections coming up in the U.S.... One in my town and I don't nave a lot of hope for it. I'll vote anyway.

Jason Bradshaw said...

I would imagine in the states the choices are even more abysmal. Well, if you're at all left wing anyway.

Good luck!