Sunday, January 20, 2008

update 2008

so the forest pans above were my last layout assignment of third semester. i had a lot of fun with it. i was trying to go for a bill Watterson type of forest but i ended up just going to town and doing whatever the hell i wanted with it. (click to full view) the top one was a five field repeating pan with three overlays(which i neglected to scan). that was the biggest layout i have done yet but i was able to pump it out in a couple of hours. the other one was a small two field pan with a slight up shot.

overall there were five full layouts with characters and all but with this i think you get the point. I'm thinking of bringing the main one to inks and full color then compositing it with a walk cycle going through it for a demo reel that is to come.

this is probably the best thing i have produced to date, everyone loved it and i got a damn good mark on it too!


this was a model sheet i did for my final character design project. I decided i wanted to design a really pampered, nerdy kid who was trying desperately to break out of the fascist dictatorship that was his home under his mothers rule. it was fun to design but i don't think it was as good as it could have been given the amount of time i was given to work on it. I also designed the mother but the drawings aren't worth posting.

the purpose of the assignment was to design two characters and make a maquette out of one of them. so, i did a maquette out of my punk kid which overall turned out well for a first attempt. i would post photo's of it but i unfortunately didn't take any and don't have it anymore either.