Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Table scraps

So, after a bit of a hiatus from this story i've decided to call it quits.

The story was spawned from my depression in my final semester of school and desperately wanting out. It's about realizing that something wasn't for me and how that's alright because there's a million other things to do in life. It was nice and positive for a change.

I think, overall, while I liked the story overall and I was happy with some of the experimentation with the writing I did in the thumbnail stage. I have been trying to think of the juxtaposition of words and images differently as well as paying more attention to pacing.

I think I learned a lot from sitting down and writing this but I am simply not enjoying finishing it. I've been trying to make my autobio stories a bit more universal, so that people who don't know me might be able to get something out of these stories but I feel like the story itself wasn't universal enough to be interesting to anyone besides me.

Also, the art was going in a direction that I am tired of.

In any case it's sad to see a few days of hard work go down the toilet. I think, overall, it's for the greater good.

This means that the actual mini I'm planning on putting out with these stories will be delayed by a while. I'm thinking of making it a bit longer than I had originally anticipated. I want to replace a couple of the stories I'm unhappy with with a couple stories I will be proud to publish.

Also, I'm considering making it a series of autobio mini comics so I would have a place to publish them. I don't know though, just thinking.

Whatever, I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinosaurmageddon pt. 1 (of2)

This is a comic i've been working for the split mini that I'm doing with Oliver.

I thought I would try something a little different with this one. I've been inking it with a Faber Castell fineliner. It's been a nice step out of my comfort zone and I'm learning a bunch from doing it. It's fun to use a lot of little lines; it will be interesting to see how I attack the brush after this. The one huge drawback I'm wrestling with is legibility...

Probably the best thing about this process is that I'm able to do most of the drawing in transit. I think it's safe to say I drew about 50-60% of this stuff on my way to and from work over the past week. I think I'm going to do more stuff like this in the future simply because I can get more done my time that would generally be wasted.

anyway, I'll post the other half of the story when it's done.



Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fragments ver.1.0

So, the mini comic me and Oliver were doing didn't come together for TCAF. we really didn't have enough time, though, I have a pile of sketches and thumbnails for a story for it that I'm excited to get to when I have the chance.

Instead, I put together a little 12 page half letter size comic full of the stuff i've posted on here over the last couple of months. I'm going to be putting most of this stuff in a larger mini when I have more pages done but I really wanted to have something to give out to the people I meet at TCAF.

After I put it together I sat down and read the comics for the first time since I really started making them. It's interesting to read them with out being too close to them; I think I can actually look at them with a critical eye. Overall I'm happy with them for what they are, though, they are flawed in so many ways that they can only really get better.

Anyways, if you're at TCAF and you want one, hit me up!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Slowly but surely

I have a couple of weeks off before my job as a caricature artist kicks back into full swing so i've been spending my time drawing comics. The story I'm working on is ten pages...and, sadly, it's the longest thing i've ever done. I'm about four pages through it and it's kicking my ass.

Next week my and my friend Oliver are going to try to pump out a mini to trade at TCAF. That should be fun.

yeah. comics.