Sunday, January 21, 2007


So yeah, a few sketches. There’s a lot more but I’m giving you quality over quantity I guess.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

back to school

Today I cried. It kind of felt good in the sense that it released the pressure that was building up. The constant finding something to do to not think about myself just crashed. I talked to Lisa about it, which was good even if I didn’t want to.

So I guess I’m pretty fucked up lately… I don’t know. These last couple weeks away from school have taught me what I don’t want in life I guess and left me wondering what I do want. Really? I have no fucking clue. I never really have known what I want so I just pursue my hobbies and try to create art. Will that make me happy? Probably not but its something I want to do.

Speaking of which:

Just a couple quick sketches I did with pencil and a brush pen. They’re supposed to be a caricature of me for a short comic strip I was hoping to do this break but ran out of time. I’ve been thinking of doing a web comic for a long time and I might give it a quick shot this summer just to keep myself busy and work on something creative for myself. I don’t know, try to say something.

Another thing I’m in the process of is learning how to play bass. I bought a bass guitar over a year ago and I tried to learn how to play but after not enough effort or practice I gave up. What a damn pity. So, I’m trying to pick it up again and considering buying a cheap practice amp if I can find one… because it’s hard to be inspired when you can hardly hear the damn notes you’re playing. I want to stick with it this time, the only thing that might get in the way is school. I think I should find someone to practice with too.

I’m feeling good right now, this is nothing new <3