Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hate work!

The one thing I hate more than work itself is looking for it. I’ve been putting a lot of time into looking for a job since I left Toronto and not nearly as much time into art.

But enough whining.

This is a comic I wrote a couple of months ago and only just got around to illustrating. I have always had this really bad attitude towards work, which is where this is coming from. I have always thought that we could accomplish so much if we weren’t stuck working dead end meaningless jobs. Anyway, I generally really liked drawing caricatures for a living but some days the work routine still really got to me.

I really want to make art that I’m proud to show people but some of the strips that I’ve done over the past year are simply embarrassing. I think the art in this one is probably the best yet. I’ve been trying to put more time and effort into them and I hope it shows.

Anyways, until next time,


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going to Ottawa

So, in two days I'm moving with Lisa to Ottawa. It's been an insane month to get ready for the move and as such I've been having trouble finding the time to work on my projects. Hence, the lack of updates.

I have been working on writing a lot of comics and really only have to do the actual drawing for a good six or seven one pagers that I'm going to be getting to in the coming weeks. The writing is sometimes the hardest part for me anyways.

I'm planning on having a full on, well produced mini comic by late October so that I will have come comic work to sell along with Small Potatoes at both Canzine and Expozine which Lisa and I are hoping to attend this fall.

In any case, all is well with me, expect more comics very soon.

Love, Jason <3