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Idle Thoughts - Uncomplicated

Idle Thoughts - Doing Better

For my pal Evy, whom is wonderfully inspiring and certainly one of my favorite people I've met in the past year or so. They gave me this patch a couple of months ago that says "you're doing better than you know". It's a reminder that everybody needs now and then and now I receive it every day <3 div="div">

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Idle Thoughts - Drunk

Oops. This happened.

Boredom Pays #6 + Boredom Pays Classix now in store!

Boredom Pays #6 + Boredom Pays Classix now in store!
I’m really proud of both of these collections and happy to finally be putting them online for sale. Boredom Pays #6 is, of course, the most recent issue and is certainly the most cohesive to date even if it is a little bleak in area’s. I’ve also put the entire issue up in my archive for people to read for free if they can’t afford a physical copy. Classix collects all of the early strips that I’m still proud of. A bit more lighthearted. People really seem to like them!
Go here to buy them!