Monday, July 21, 2008

what chiu lookin at?

cafe sketches from this Sundays sketching with Bobby Chiu. I'm starting to really enjoy getting a little more loose and a bit more flow into my lines... for a long time i have been caught up in trying to draw what i've been seeing... now I'm just trying to spit it back out as an interpretation. its a hell of a lot funner.

I'm kinda dying to get back into life drawing now though, my anatomy is awful right now... just needs some studying.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

so tired... must post.... drawin's...

new kid. i think I'm getting a better general likeness day by day... but its still the specifics are still frustrating me. i find it hard to get a likeness that blows people away like some of the drawings my co-workers are capable of.

i'm almost sad that i only have half a season left to grow in the medium before school. if i dont get a job straight out of school (which could very well happen) i'll probably go back for another summer. i find thats when you really get the hang of it, like my friends ed and ollie have.

i would like to incorperate more of this kind of stuff into my caricature work. there have been a few little sketches like this that i have really nailed a likeness on. its interesting how much you can suggest with such simple lines.