Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ready for what happens next

Now that my fifth semester is in full swing I'm starting to get an idea of what 3d is all about. Overall i don't really like it... i just find myself giving up on working on my projects to go drawing. I've come to the conclusion that i just don't really like 3d. I don't find it aesthetic, its boring to work in and my job prospects look underwhelming in it.

I'm still going to learn it, but i think I'm going to concentrate on the things that i really want to do. Things that i am passionate about and would actually like to pursue as a career. Rather than doing something that i could do i would rather do something I'm excited about doing.

I'm concentrating on learning how to animate in Toonboom (and flash hopefully, soon after) because there is a huge market graphic 2d stuff in Toronto. I would love to get a job designing for some of these shows, whether it be characters or layouts. Something like that. maybe i'll try to post some animation stuff on here eventually.

Also, i'm trying really hard to get out to life drawing and really work on my draftsmanship. I have a new life drawing teacher, Joe Park, who is really inspiring and supportive. His philosophy and encouragement are making me rethink life drawing. Both in how important it is in all aspects of my drawing and how enjoyable it can be to just sit and draw for hours.

A webcomic too. One that i actually try to draw the best shit i'm capable of. I know i have some good comics in me. I know i have a lot to say, i just need to start saying it. I've been doing some writing for it, i'm thinking of starting it up sometime in the new year. I'll let you know.

in the meantime heres a couple life drawings from the last couple o pads.

cheers <3