Sunday, January 07, 2007

back to school

Today I cried. It kind of felt good in the sense that it released the pressure that was building up. The constant finding something to do to not think about myself just crashed. I talked to Lisa about it, which was good even if I didn’t want to.

So I guess I’m pretty fucked up lately… I don’t know. These last couple weeks away from school have taught me what I don’t want in life I guess and left me wondering what I do want. Really? I have no fucking clue. I never really have known what I want so I just pursue my hobbies and try to create art. Will that make me happy? Probably not but its something I want to do.

Speaking of which:

Just a couple quick sketches I did with pencil and a brush pen. They’re supposed to be a caricature of me for a short comic strip I was hoping to do this break but ran out of time. I’ve been thinking of doing a web comic for a long time and I might give it a quick shot this summer just to keep myself busy and work on something creative for myself. I don’t know, try to say something.

Another thing I’m in the process of is learning how to play bass. I bought a bass guitar over a year ago and I tried to learn how to play but after not enough effort or practice I gave up. What a damn pity. So, I’m trying to pick it up again and considering buying a cheap practice amp if I can find one… because it’s hard to be inspired when you can hardly hear the damn notes you’re playing. I want to stick with it this time, the only thing that might get in the way is school. I think I should find someone to practice with too.

I’m feeling good right now, this is nothing new <3

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Anonymous said...

hi jason. i'm goldie.
your drawings are great. i just stumbled onto your site in error as i clicked next blog!

i am 32 and have never had any idea about what i want to be other than a singer but making a living from it is another story.
it seems you have the talent and you are young so you are right when you say you should try and do is what you love. do that and the rest will follow.

take care, keep up the art. xx