Thursday, November 27, 2008

somewhere between anxiety and elation

I’ve been feeling like a complete fuck up this semester because I’ve been doing poorly. I don’t have a good work ethic and my assignments all suck. I’m constantly sneaking off to draw or seeking out things that get me excited about art because 3D just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s not aesthetic, it’s tedious and I personally find it unrewarding.

But all of that stuff's not important. The important thing is that I learn that not everything is for me and that I just have to learn it and move on. What I’ve learned from this semester is what I don’t want to do which is just as valuable as finding something you do because now I feel motivated to work on the things that are rewarding to me and make me excited to sit down and get to work


Everyday is a roller coaster of emotions. I either feel extremely excited for what I really want to do with my future or I feel extremely anxious about putting off the work I don’t even care to do. It’s a weird mix but I’m enjoying the ride somehow.

It’s amazing how knowing what you want to do with your life can make you feel.

Love <3


Tooninator said...

I like energy in this piece.

Stick to it. My 3rd year was the hardest year of my life. Get through 3D for good or bad, and you'll be a better person for it lol. maybe.

jason said...

thanks toon!

yeah, I'm getting through it and learning it because it is important to know in the field... even if i hate it :)

/////Nora Sermez///// said...

"I’m constantly sneaking off to draw..." haha you rebel.

Dominic Philibert said...

Haha! Funny