Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beginning of an ending

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I'm sure this is incoherent to anyone who is not me, or does not know me very well. So, apologies! anyways...

I've started officially working on a mini comic. This is the first completed page, though, i have a couple more started and thumbnails of a few more. The mini will be a bunch of very short autobiographical stories probably no longer than one or two pages that will hopefully make some sort of cohesive sense when put together. The point is to capture life as it happens. to capture the inane day to day moments and musings that make up our lives. that's what really interests me.

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Edward Lillywhite said...

Your honesty goes a long way, Jay. It's something that I think sets your drawings above a lot of what I've seen. Your greatest asset is your beautiful, emotional and honest view of what most would take for granted as the mundane occurrences of everyday life.

I'll quit blowing smoke up your butt for a second;
This looks fantastic, remind me the next time I see you that I have some criticism about way the page moves that I think could really help turn this into something brilliant.

All the best,