Friday, January 09, 2009


In preparation for the cooking zine that my girlfriend Lisa and I are in the process of making we have decided to take up bookbinding. We’re starting off pretty simple, doing passport sized blank notebooks (or sketchbooks for us artist types). We’ve been using printer paper for the insides and card stock for the cover.

Once you have the right tools and a little practice it’s insanely addictive and fun. The night we started I was so stoked about learning how to do it that I took some Jim Flora Album cover prints and made a small pile of mini sketchbooks (as seen above) which I intend to give out to a couple of friends.

Already I’ve started thinking about binding larger books. I want to take some old vintage books that are on their last legs and recycle them in to one of a kind sketchbooks that I will hopefully actually use.

Yeah. Fun fun.


Tooninator said...

that's pretty slick, dude. I could see how that would get addictive.

Irwin Chusid said...

Healthy addiction. Can I get me a handmade Flora sketchbook too? I'd like a Bix & Tram.

Edward Lillywhite said...

These look fantastic.

jason said...

Glad you like em, ed. I was planning on giving you one next time i saw you.

Anonymous said...

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