Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I think Trent Reznor has an interesting way of approaching music. He lets sound design be part of the writing process. So, he might start with a drum loop, and then keep adding to it until a song emerges. He doesn’t do with every song but it’s refreshing to hear music without much of a formula. Also, I like that he sits in a studio without a band and creates this intense sound pretty much by himself… kind of like a cartoonist.

I’ve always wanted to make music. There have been a couple of times I have tried to learn instruments but I have just given up before I get over the learning hump. Then I have to start over from scratch. I seriously want to make music in some capacity at some point.

When I do, it will likely be by myself with a computer and sound.


Catherine said...

What I also found very interesting in some ways was that when Reznor was writing the Fragile he was asked how he started (I forget which interview, but if you wish I can find it).

His reply was that he was mindful of the environment he wanted to recreate; the 'feel' of something he wanted to pass on to the listener; elements of which that would eventually continue to the light and stage design at the concerts - in essence, he was considering /everything/ at once.

I think it's marvelous how someone can use visual and emotional elements when creating something that will ultimately be music, and each one is significant to the other.

Edward Lillywhite said...

Yay! The readability of your work is becoming super strong. The second and the third are great. I believe the third one could benefit from the use of some form of lighting. But that's just heresay and conjecture.

One of my favorite artists, Francis Vallejo (http://francisvallejo.blogspot.com/) is doing ink stuff. I don't know if it's your cuppa tea, but it is pretty neat.

And I've been listening to a lot of NIN lately too, between binges of blues and early rock and roll.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Hey Catherine, I think one of the strongest components of nin's music is the environment he creates. I find his music very cinematic... i guess it doesent surprise me that he really thinks this stuff through.

Hey Ed, Thanks! I agree, lighting would have made it stronger... oh well. I crapped this one out pretty quick... so not much thought was put into it.