Monday, November 01, 2010


Today I had some guy threaten to "punch my face in". I was moving some people in one of those buildings that you need to be buzzed up into. I was in the lobby when this guy gets buzzed in. Immediately he starts verbally abusing me for not letting him into the building. I was stunned because I only vaguely knew he was there because, y'know, I was working. I got out maybe 3 words trying to explain that this wasn't my building and that I didn't feel like it was my call to let people that I don't know it before he got right my face and started threatening me. I said "ok" and went back to work while he stormed off.

Point being, I was going to write a comic about that but decided not to because the situation was too stupid for words (or pictures, as is the case!).

Have a wonderful day,



Robin Cain said...

Yeah, best let that one go... Sorry that happened to you.

On another topic, have you ever heard of a walkabout? The kind they do in the outback? It actually sounds like a really cool thing to do.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Just did a google search for a walkabout, sounds like it would be a lot of fun!