Monday, December 27, 2010

Exciting stuff - New mini, Interview, oh my!

Hey guys, check it out! I've printed and assembled a few copies of my new mini, Diary Doodles. I'm pretty excited about it because it has the nicest production value of anything I've put out.

It's a quarter size mini at 104 pages. It's got a color cover with fabric tape over the binding (staples) and a super sweet checker pattern on the inside cover (because I'm a book nerd and I love it when people do that!).

Anyway, It's still got a few kinks to be worked out before I'm read to sell it but it should be up for sale sometime in January. I'll probably sell it for $6.

Also, more exciting, the interview for the Fabler blog that I was talking about back in this comic went live a couple of days ago. You should go check it out!

Love, love,

Jason <3


Anonymous said...

Wicked cool.

Also, you look like you're wearing Eye-liner in that photo :P

Sue Marsden said...

That's fantastic Jason--congratulations :-D Looking forward to seeing the comic!
(Ottawa Comix Jam)

Sam Spina said...

sick man! i can't wait to get my hands on that book, and the interview is really really nice! you're very well spoken

Jason Bradshaw said...

Thanks guys, I'm super stoked about it!

Matt said...

Congrats, sir. Can't wait until that goes on sale.