Monday, January 24, 2011

Jason and the giant pile of books

I think, so far, from all of the Peanuts strips I've been reading the 50's era is my favorite. There's this weird charm in the drawings that somehow gets lost in the later strips that I adore. The writing seems a little more... I dunno... wholesome or something? I don't know but I really like it. Below are a couple of my favorite strips from the little collection I'm talking about in this comic. Enjoy!


Sam Spina said...

I've got like 5 books to read! and damn, i always forget how incredible peanuts is

Jason Bradshaw said...

heh, I've got about 30? More maybe? Starting to think I should just give up on the ones I've had for over a year!

And yeah, I've always taken Peanuts for granted. Looking back through the archives I'm pretty blown away by the gems that I've found. It's turning into a pretty big influence for me!

Amalgamated Biscuit said...

I love the look of early Peanuts, Snoopy is super cute in his early incarnation.