Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Matt said...

I thought this was an old strip and then I realized that Thanksgiving in Canada was earlier this week. I'm sorry you felt so alone for the holiday... but you're not. There's a whole gang of us thinking about and wishing good things for you.

My Thanksgiving always involves going to my wife's aunt and uncle's house to eat lots of food and watch football (and then "National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction," it's tradition). This year, I think I'm gonna enter a 10K run in the morning. We'll see; I'm trying to train for it.

Hang in there, brother. You're awesome!

orange is the new "i love you" said...

i, too, was confused about the Thanksgiving at first. seriously, i hope everything's going well. also, i'm definitely planning on trying on going to TCAF next year, so hopefully i'll be able to see you there.

Jason Bradshaw said...

oh dude! We're going to have to high five and everything if you make it out to TCAF! Always stoked to meet people I know on the internet... makes it more tangible, y'know?