Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Short on ideas part 4

Yet another dumb comic about making comics. Apologies.


naam said...

Not a single semi-autobio comic that hasn't touched this subject in my experience : ). The art is in not overdoing it – some people tend to make all their comics about having a hard time making comics, which gets boring quite quickly. It just shows they have nothing to tell. Can't say that about your work!

I'm guilty as well:

Matt said...

I get in those same cycles, too. I want to draw... I just don't know what to draw.

Smithee Zombie Hunter said...

I read somewhere that writers block isn't a lack of ideas, but too many ideas and not being able to choose one. But the irony is not having an idea is an idea in itself - like you did. And I also must say your art just keeps improving.