Thursday, May 17, 2012

Idle Thoughts - Conformity

People seem to either love or hate these. Not sure how I feel about them, myself, but it amuses me. In a strange sort of way.


casey said...

I'm enjoying them. It seems to point out to me that there is an interesting disconnect between what we think we understand, don't understand, and can't understand about each other.

In some sense we are all islands of self doubt, unable to reconcile what we perceive ourselves to be against what we perceive others to be. In reality neither perception is true, and we are all far more alike than different.

I think in some respects we are afraid to be like others, to give away these little bits of yourself. It takes courage to share these kinds of private thoughts. I thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Also enjoying them

Unfortunately, (for fortunately) I doubt you can be like everybody else

Maybe with a lobotomy

Matt said...

Definitely enjoying them also. The versatility in your comics is astounding.