Saturday, June 09, 2012

Idle Thoughts - Isolation/Liberation


Sal said...

hello.i wanted to write you an email but i didnt manage to go to your website (somehow its down or something). i really appreciate your thoughts. not only that you have them but have to power to catch em all.haha. so well if you moderate your comments, this one not for public just for you.but whatever. you seem like a very beautiful person to me. thanks.
plus: i always sit in front of the computer like you do, kinda hurts but my body always ends up like this somehow.did you decide to do something with your life and what? i do want to do something with mine but it seems like im unable to transmit that to the outter world or really make some actions and stuff. sorry for bugging you, i just felt so understood in your drawings. g

Matt said...

Especially in comics which are, by nature, an isolating pursuit.