Friday, May 01, 2009

Slowly but surely

I have a couple of weeks off before my job as a caricature artist kicks back into full swing so i've been spending my time drawing comics. The story I'm working on is ten pages...and, sadly, it's the longest thing i've ever done. I'm about four pages through it and it's kicking my ass.

Next week my and my friend Oliver are going to try to pump out a mini to trade at TCAF. That should be fun.

yeah. comics.



Andrea Gerstmann said...

thats a good idea... I'm totally going to bring along something to trade....

in fact... we should totally do a round of artist trading cards this year.

Tooninator said...

I like the composition of this. Great way to say goodbye to school :)

You must be happy.

Jason Bradshaw said...


trading cards are an amazing idea. Statistics and everything :)

Thanks toon,

yeah, I'm pretty glad to be out of there. It was a tough last month to get through.

but hey, now I can do whatever the hell I want with what I learned in there.

I really dig what you're doing. Illustrations and such, I'm thinking I might try to get into the same line of work.