Monday, December 07, 2009

Tired. At work.

It's such a pain when people forget something and need to run and get it when I've already started cashing them out because it makes it a hassle to cash anyone else out. It's not that big of a deal but after a long day of work on no sleep i have no patience for anything... even completely reasonable mistakes. I was talking to Lisa about it last night and we were laughing that you know you're tired when you're angry at old ladies on the subway that cant move fast enough to get the hell out of your way.

I feel I should note that I always keep my composure. I would never call anybody a "fucking asshole" for such a slip. I do, however, torment myself by letting it make me miserable.

oh, and if anyone is confused by where I'm working now, I'm working at a natural foods store called the Wheat berry here in Ottawa. It's a good job for the time being. I work with nice people there.

Love! Jason <3


John said...

Ha. I know the feeling :)

Joe Decie said...

I always seem to choose the queue where that very thing happens.

Tooninator said...

ha, Jason, you need a punching bag. Let it out, man. Oh, and I love trying to keep track of your jobs ;)

Jason Bradshaw said...

hah, I'm just a fussy old man. I get so irrationally frustrated sometimes.

I think i might actually stay at this job for a while :)