Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing new for trash like you

About a month ago I made myself a promise that I would finish one page of comics a week and post them here for you fine people. I intended to have a brand spanking new two pager for you today as per my schedule… but I guess some things happen and others dont.

I was on track for the first three weeks, as the first half of the two pager is done(as well as the ones done in illustrator) but this week I haven’t had any real time or motivation to get a decent chunk of work done on it. I feel really bad about it. And I’m beating myself up. These comics are really important to me and I want to share them with you... but sometimes things just get in the way.

One exciting thing about this comic, though, is that it’s the last one that I’m making for issue 2 of the mini comic Boredom Pays. I’ve pretty much assembled the whole thing and just need to draw up a cover for it. I will be at TCAF (not “at” as in tabling, though) with copies if you want one.

I’ve also started doing some research and sketches for a longer form comic project that I intend to roll out in the coming months. I’m totally excited about it because it’s going to be super fun to draw.

Anyways, There will be a comic up next week, I promise. In the meantime, know that I am trying to get them out.

Love, Jason <3


Matt said...

Sweet, brother. Can't wait to see your new projects (but I will so take your time).

Sam Spina said...

cool man! can't wait to see some new stuff

Robin Cain said...

I'm anxious to see!!!

No Secrets said...

Whatever dude, stuff you draw looks good, even when it's not a comic.

I am going to be visiting Ottawa with Carlo and possibly Oliver this summer some time (Me and Carlo are long overdue for midnight pho appointments)

We should all get together and draw. It could be fun. Let me know (via email probably?) if you think you'd be ok with that?