Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Worst in Everything - For sale! Along with everything else!

So I finished my new mini comic, The Worst In Everything, about a week ago.

It’s mostly about being at work and how awful and pointless that can feel when you’re stuck in the middle of the workweek with nothing but more work to look forward to. I’m really quite happy with it, as depressing as it is.

Initially I was just going to put this in Boredom Pays #3 but I think it actually stands alone really nicely and would feel out of place in such a collection. That said I intend to do another cover for it, most likely in color on card stock to make it a really nice package. There are also a few aesthetic things that I want to touch up that I wasn’t able to get to in the mad dash to finish this before Canzine but nothing major. Point being, I’m going to put out another version of this soon, but in the meantime I guess you could consider this my first draft.

For a variety of reasons I’ve decided not to post this one online but since I do have a small pile of leftovers kicking around from Canzine I have decided to sell them off for $2 a piece. It’s 8 pages of black and white comics on glorious copy paper, 5.5 x 7.25. I’m also down with doing trades through the mail if anyone’s interested!

On another note I have put everything else that I have put out up for sale! Just check out the left hand column of the blog to see all of those fancy Paypal buttons! Boredom Pays #1 & #2 are now available for $4 a piece as well as my buildings prints at $10 for all 4 of them. So buy stuff! Make me not so hopelessly poor!

I’ll be putting up more stuff for sale soon, too, just getting it all organized!

Jason <3


Chaotic Mana said...

Oh man, I can relate to the thoughts in that comic. I don't know if that's good or bad XD

Jason Bradshaw said...

It's a terrible, terrible thing I assure you

Sam Spina said...

awesome man!