Sunday, November 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I sent Chris Clavin some of my comics. In return he sent me an awesome package with a his new band Imperial Can's CD as well as a couple of split cassettes. It has been years since I've had a stereo so I to track down a tape player to listen to them. Really solid stuff!

I really like Chris Clavins solo songs because they feel more one off journal entries... only in songs. Not the kind of stuff that is played over and over but more put down on tape and forgotten. Really intimate songs.

Jason <3


andrew said...

totally awesome! imperial can is pretty fun, i was lucky enough to get the chance to host one of their shows at my apartment during this last tour.

i love chris clavin's old captain chaos stuff, too. i never thought about the songs being journal entries, but that definitely nails down his vibe.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Oh man, I would love to see them live... or anything Chris Clavin live. It's a shame that most small punk bands never come through Toronto.

I love the older Captain Chaos stuff, too.I love how it started just by writing a song a day... not thinking about it too much then moving on. It's Such a disposable approach to writing songs but I think you get some neat stuff that you might not get if you over work or think what you're creating.

I dunno, neat stuff!

andrew said...


you can find beautiful insights in there. plus it's a great way to just get your brain into a mode, make it a habit, kind of like daily journal comics ;)

keep on keepin' on jason, your stuff is awesome!