Saturday, January 08, 2011

You might as well be dancing

This comic is sort of a manifesto for me. I'm done with making comics about my depression. It's just not productive for me anymore. This year I'm going to beat this thing if it kills me because I don't exactly have any other options. Get with the living or get with the dying.


Ps. The lyric is from the song stop being so cool and get silly by Wingnut Dishwashers Union


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is at all related, but might be worth a read:

My own little run of comics was largely focused on various aspects of depression and it was always worrisome for me wondering whether the compilation of work was too depressing and as a result, not interesting

Jason Bradshaw said...

Ah, I think exploring depression in comics is extremely interesting - just read some of Ivan Brunetti's comics - They're fantastic! It's just such a raw thing... I don't know how it couldn't be interesting if portrayed honestly.

That said, I'm done with it. I just need to move on to something else!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love that song! Listening to Pat the Bunny in all his forms always makes me feel like there's something good in the world. I was in that dark ugly place last year around New Year's and I feel so much better this year, so it's totally possible.