Saturday, January 07, 2012

The HORRIBLE REALITY of online "dating"

Yes, folks, it’s true. I have stooped to new lows in trying to find contentment and completion. Rather than looking inside of myself to find the self-respect required to love myself I have once again started looking outward, to the seediest corners of the internet, in hopes of finding someone to do that for me. That’s right. I have been using Ok cupid.

I kind of hate it though.

I just re-watched this great film, Before Sunrise (Which you can view in its entirety here conveniently enough), which kind of completely blew the top off of me wanting to ever meet anyone through the Internet in such a contrived. Impersonal way. Watching this film was like re-living the intensity, awkwardness and spontaneity of getting to know someone in a real, tangible and gradual way. I want to feel that again. I needed that reminder. So, I highly recommend it.

Jason <3


Unknown said...

I too have been on the Ok Cupid. It's interesting, and I had fun with the matching algorithm, but I never had a single date work out from the place. The difference between online and offline chemistry can be massive. Plus after finding an ex on there who was under 50% matched I lost complete faith in the algorithm! And eventually being on there made me feel like a piece of meat (I suspect the experience is different for girls than guys. Creepy 50 years olds, I shall say no more), and I left.
The real world is no kinder! But perhaps more satisfying and reliable when sparks DO fly.
Plus, go watch Catfish. I haven't seen Before Sunrise, but I bet they represent opposite ends of how to find relationships (from your description).

Smithee Zombie Hunter said...

Congrats on taking a chance no matter how it turns out!
And - interesting new style for drawing your character.

Matt said...

This comic is an interesting counterpoint to the one you posted a few weeks ago about not wanting to have a girlfriend and enjoying (sort of) being alone. I suspect you feel the same way a lot of people (especially cartoonists) do: when you're alone, you want company and when you're with someone, you want to be alone. We're a conflicted bunch. Good luck, sir; the right girl is out there. :D

Jason Bradshaw said...

Katherine - Holy geez I watched that Catfish movie. Creeeeepy! Probably happens more than we think though.

And yeah, it's kind of fun to poke around on there for sure but there really is a huge difference between online chemistry and offline chemistry... That said, I have had good experiences with people from there, they're just kind of few and far between I guess.

Matt - Good sir, you have hit the nail on the head. Damned if you do. Damned if you don't. It has been a good thing for me to be alone, though. Simply wasn't in the proper emotional state to be good to anyone for quite a while. Now, I think, I'm good and ready.

tintorcio said...

good stuff sir!