Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Seriously? What the heck. Such a beautiful, smart and passionate person. His death kind of proves that the world is a horrible and scary place, no? Well, aside from everything else that proves that the world is a horrible and scary place, anyway. Still. Goddamn.


Matt said...

I sometimes wonder how Lennon would feel about the time we live in now... if they'd even be like this if we were still alive.

Love the sketchiness of this one. It seems like you really had to get it out fast, like this was really weighing down on you. Very urgent and awesome. :D

Jason Bradshaw said...

Hah, thanks! It literally took me about 2 minutes to draw. I should do more like this :)


1. The idiocy of Lennon's assassination pops into my head quite a lot too, even though I don't listen to his music very often.

2. I've learned a lot of unfavorable things about Lennon in the recent past that have somewhat changed my perception of him, but I do think he said and sang some beautiful things.

tintorcio said...

There's no point in trying to learn anything from a pointless death.

This is good work. But I like your more fully rendered style even better!