Friday, March 12, 2010

Church - part 1

Probably one of the coolest things about doing lots of short stories is that I get to have a lot of fun playing with different styles without having to actually commit to anything.

This one is weird. I was trying to draw in a way that doesn’t take too long to execute… but that always backfires when the drawings that don’t take long to execute also suck. I’m lazy, but I’m also a perfectionist so this approach doesn’t really work for me.

The writing is also a little weird because I was reading a lot of John Porcellino when I wrote it.

Now I’m reading a lot of Ivan Brunetti. Watch out.

Jason <3


Matt said...

This story/style are gorgeous... clear, precise, and (yes) Porcellino-esque. I'm especially in love with the TMNT watch at the end, it's drawn so well and I wish I had one; that'd be rad.

Jason Bradshaw said...

Thanks, Matt! I think everyone i knew used to have one of those ninja turtles watches.... i kind of want one now!

Robin Cain said...

I liked it. A lot. Story and drawings!

Mis Anthropy said...

These are great!!