Friday, March 05, 2010

Karl Marx and cafe sketching

The man in the image above has been in the Rideau centre food court every morning for the past five days. He always wears a red polo shirt and kind of looks like Karl Marx. This amuses me.

For a long time I was really into cafĂ© sketching. I’m not sure what happened in the last few months but I completely lost any joy I got out of doing it. Over the past week, though, I have been actively filling up pages in my sketchbook like a madman! Everything is a little rusty but I’m enjoying getting people, places and things down on paper.

Oh, also, I have joined the twitter. You should follow me at jasonbradshaw!


Corby said...

Great image. Did you do this strictly with the pen or were you inking over pencils?

Jason Bradshaw said...

I'm pretty much straight to inks on all of my cafe sketches. looseygoosey!