Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Job Hunt

Hey guys, if you like these comics you should really check out Dharbins diary comics. His new book(called simply "Diary comics") only six bucks for 48 pages chock full of comics and they're some of the best diary style comics I've read. You could also just check out his website and see all of his other fancy schmancy comics he's got posted there.

Seriously guys! He's one of my favorite people in comics!


Matt said...

Ah, the artist's constant push-and-pull of excitement and self-doubt. I know those feelings well. Thanks for the heads up on Harbin's stuff; I'll check it out.

Sam Spina said...

duuude! i just finished that dharbin book you're talking about! his style is incredible, so delicate and awesome

Jason Bradshaw said...

Man, at TCAF he was selling some originals of the diary strips and they were TINY. Seriously, I have no idea how he draws so much in such a small space.

Love it love it love it!