Friday, September 17, 2010


Last week I developed some pretty bitchin' blisters that were full of blood on the bottom of my feet. You see, both of my (old) shoes have holes in the bottom of them and when I walk I touch the ground which is (apparently) not good for my feet. The last time I bought a pair of shoes was at least two years ago.

I was also able to pick up Roger Langridge's Fred the Clown book(for a buck!). It's something I've considered buying new because I love these comics so much. They have great recurring themes, lots of comics experimentation, and Fred is just such a lovable doofus. Anyways, the comisc are all online for free so you should go check them out!

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Matt said...

I've been wearing black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars since I was twelve. Now that I'm 30, my wife thinks I should buy different shoes. The thought of buying new shoes both scares me and bores me in equal measure.