Thursday, April 07, 2011

Diary Doodles, an introduction

So this is going to be the introduction to the third issue of Boredom Pays. I've been killing it over the last couple of days trying to get this thing done and I'm happy to say that it's coming together quite well.

Also, just listened to a really great interview with Noah Van Sciver over on the ISR. I found out about Noah through Sam Spina and have since fell in love with his work. You should go check him out and buy the new issue of Blammo cause it's super good!


Matt said...

I love the intro, man. And I thought all your dailies were genius!

Also, Noah is awesome. Sam got me into his stuff, too.

andrew said...

Agreed and agreed and agreed and agreed, Matt.

Totally awesome, Jason!

Sam Spina said...

yeah man this looks great! can't wait to see that collection